Shirley MacLaine Weekly Horoscope

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Shirley MacLaine Weekly Horoscope


Free Weekly Horoscopes by Shirley MacLaine.

A weekly message is posted every 12sign.


“I think we all choose the paths of our lives. I knew I wanted to be a “communicator” from the very beginning. So I communicated through fifty films, many TV and stage shows and ten books. For me the search for Truth is paramount… The truth of a character I’m playing, the truth of the subject matter I write about or the truth of why we are alive and how it relates to our destiny.

I see life as a creation each of us paints for ourselves. We do create our own reality in order to be aligned with our destiny

The search then becomes a search for self. It is the most important journey we will ever take. I hope my website will aid in your search.”

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Shirley MacLaine’s Twitter.

There are more than 40,000 followers. It’s amazing!


Numerous publications have been published.

  • Out on a Leash: How Terry’s Death Gave Me New Life (English Edition)
    Shirley MacLaine

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