Cal Garrison’s Horoscopes

Cal Garrison’s Horoscopes


It is Cal Garrison’s website.
A summary of the weekly and a message is posted every 12sign.

A few lines of messages, but you will get thought out.

The same article is also published in the Mountain Times.

Information on individual consulting etc. is also posted on the website.


“I began studying astrology on my sixteenth birthday, when my father gave me a copy of “The Coffee Table Book of Astrology”. It was 1964. Within two years, I was into it with such an intense focus, I abandoned my career as an artist and went whole hog into the study of astrology.”

*Quoted from


Cal Garrison’s Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook’s followers are over 10,000 people.


A book is published.

  • The Lunar Gospel: The Complete Guide to Your Astrological Moon Paperback – April 1, 2018
    by Cal Garrison (Author)
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