I compiled CLAIRE PETULENGRO’s Forecast.

The Official Website Of Claire Petulengro

It is her official website.You can read fortune telling of today, this week, this month for free.

Horoscopes Your Forecasts

“Hello it’s Claire and welcome to my website. Here you will be able to find your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes, celebrity blog posts, and my psychic telephone and text service team who you will be able to connect to on a more personal and intimate level. There is also much more for you to discover. So, what are you waiting for? Have fun exploring! Claire xox”

*Quoted from

Astrology Room

astrology room daily and weekly Horoscope

The Astrology room

Today, I can read this week’s fortune telling at this site. It is the same content as official website.

Take 3 Management

I found a website of her management company. It is the page of her profile.

Claire Petulengro


It is her facebook. There is also a movie.

Claire Petulengro facebook


  • Health Signs: Maximize Your Body’s Potential Through Your Stars by Claire Petulengro (2000-12-21)
  • Love Stars: A Guide to All Your Relationships Paperback – January 17, 2003

She is also publishing books. It seems that publication has not been published so much these days.

Screenshot of


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