The Seed to Star Collective Weekly Astrology

The Seed to Star Collective Weekly Astrology


This week’s fortune by 12 sign by Leah Tioxon is posted.

The Seed to Star Collective is a unit of 4 women.

It seems to be providing acupuncture, stone and plant medicine, movement coaching, energetic healing, meditation, private sessions, group classes etc.

Seed to Star Collective’s Facebook and Instagram.

About Leah Tioxon

“Reiki, meditation, tarot and oracle readings, astrology

Hi, I’m Leah! I have been specializing in conscious healing and transformation practices since 2001, including meditation, mindfulness, and reiki.

With a background in social work and a decade of nonprofit work, I bring a unique, holistic approach to personal growth and transformation. I assist others in creating practical, sustainable self-care practices, deepening their intuition, and creating a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. ”

*Quoted from

Official Site

Leah Tioxon’s Official Site.

It seems that individual sessions can be reserved.

I also posted Leah Tioxon’s Facebook as well.

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