Yasmin Boland’s moonology

Yasmin Boland’s moonology

Free daily horoscopes by Yasmin Boland.
Fortunetelling by 12 signs.
There is a link to Yahoo Australia where there are also horoscope of the week and month.
It is also posted in the same contents to the Closer.

About Yasmin Boland

“Journalist turned astrologer and New Age writer and author, Yasmin Boland, has been scouring the skies for insights for over 15 years. Passion turned to profession when she realised just how much the astrological ‘weather’ affects everyone, herself included, and she started writing about it.”

*Quoted from Yasmin Boland’s Moonology


Yasmin Boland’s Twitter , Facebook page and moonology’s facebook page.

SNS has a high update frequency. Let’s see SNS for the latest information.


Until now Yasmin Boland has done a lot of books.
It seems that her new work can be reserved at Amazon.

  • Moonology Diary 2019 Paperback – August 7, 2018
    by Yasmin Boland (Author)
    Publisher: Hay House UK Ltd

Screenshot of www.moonology.com


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