John Hayes Traditional Astrology

John Hayes Traditional Astrology

Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Yearly Horoscopes And Forecasts.

By John Hayes

Today and tomorrow’s luck is posting love luck and money luck.

In the fortune of 2018, in addition to overall luck, the influence of Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Uranus, Neptune.

About John Hayes

“John’s deep interest in divination has led him to conclude that celestial omens correspond with earthly events.
” I am also aware that there is a powerful psychic element at work
the moment you are moved to seek advice and I am happy to
answer specific questions, tuning into that moment. ”
Also focusing on your birth date, John guides you through periods of change, helping you make the most of the challenges and opportunities ahead. ”
*Quoted from John Hayes Website

Activities on the Internet in Japan

Although it will be charged, it has appeared in fortune-telling content with Japanese nifty, yahoo, etc.

John Hayes’s British expression appraisal at Nifty

John Hayes’s British expression appraisal at Yahoo Japan

Screenshot of


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